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Shing Huang - Design Researcher


Growing up in the countryside of Eastern Taiwan, I have developed my observation skills and sensitiveness towards the changing landscape and society. Being educated as an architect and later an industrial designer,  I acquired the ability to pay attention to large-scale context but also detailed human behavior. By combining my experience of mandatory service in the paratrooper unit of Taiwan, I also developed a series of products for life-saving purposes and humanitarian operations. By participating in different social and environmental movements, I have also developed the ability to work under political pressure and communicate with people in their own languages. I believes that in the modern society, a designer responds to the rapid changes of the world better by working with people from diverse backgrounds.

CYCU, School of Architecture. Bachelor of Architecture

Royal College of Art, Design Products. Master of Art.

  • 2007-Entering CYCU school of architecture.

  • 2009-Director of Yoshino Village vintage photo exhibition.

  • 2010-Chief Director of1st CYCU architecture educational camp.

  • 2010-China-Taiwan Youth Architect Exchange Program

  • 2010-Chairman of Architecture Department Student Union of CYCU

  • 2012-Coordinator of Wall of architecture.

  • 2012-Yoshino Eki won the 1st prize of the graduated design of CYCU

  • 2014-Project Designer of Beipu mansion renovation 

  • 2016-Entered  Design Products MA course in Royal College of Art, London ​

  • 2017-Wining Safety at Sea, Lloyd's Register Foundation Grand Challenge - Best Innovation Award.

  • 2017-Wining Safety at Sea, Lloyd's Register Foundation Grand Challenge - Best Business plan Award.

  • 2017-Dynaweb is nominated in Sea trade award.

  • 2018-Entering CLAWGEAR as weapon/tactical equipment  designer 

  • 2019- CLAWGEAR weapon designer/ project manager

  • 2020- COID is nominated in the top 10 of the IDA COVID19 grant.

  • 2020- Co-coordinator of Landscrape Theater

  • 2021- The Capsa

  • 2021- Coordinator of X- Site project Inter Fade.

  • 2021- Interfade is nominated in the X-Site shortlist. 

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