What's up Green (2020)

'What's up green' is a series of actions that were triggered by a dissension of park design. I formed up a team with my partner Li-Cheng Chen, Woju Hsu, and Lydia Chang, Yen-San Su, working with multiple senior urban design/landscape design experts and practitioners including deans of several landscape/architecture departments, and former minister of transportation. The whole campaign took 5 months long and we have successfully connected the citizen, government, and design professionals together and turned a social conflict into an outcome which becomes a milestone of the landscape politics revolution.    

The whole campaign has 3 major periods-

1. conflict

The whole event starts with Mr. H.T Song, a senior urban designer who found out about the public hearing of a park (Song Jung park) is not working and it's violating the common sense of the park design, for example- reducing the green coverage comparing to the original environment of the site. By conducting research with interviews and networking, we also start to realize how politics is operating behind the scene regarding park construction in the scale of the district.

2. negotiation
After we start organizing petitions with a huge list of celebrities' signatures and pinpoint media storytelling, the government starts to show their willingness to cooperate and modify the original design.


3. partnership

In the end, we successfully persuade the Taipei city government to work with us and revise the design of Song Jung park, in the end, the layout of the park becomes much sustainable and friendly to users.

4. communication
The Facebook page of What's up Green becomes a media to link and pass information about eco-friendly and landscape related information with designers' insight, providing the public a scope to monitor the policy-making direction of Taiwan's landscape design vision. 

The original design concept of the Song Jung park, which has a very high concrete coverage, and 50% of the budget will be spent on creating artificial flood storage pond. The most serious problem is, this park is being defined in the Taipei master plan of urban design as a city grade park, which is tasked to compensate the impact from the commercial district to the north, allow the residential area in the south to remain in peace. Somehow this project was not conducted according to the masterplan, under the pressure of local politicians, the park was designed as a space being stuff with equipment being requested by the politicians without core value. 


While the negotiation with the government officials is ongoing, The team of What's green starts to produce a series of materials for public communication, including a series of visualization diagrams and a film. Please click on the picture above to enter the short promoting video of What's up Green.

The What's up Green film is directed by ChihKang Hsu and played by NJ Chi, which addresses the issues of the lack of green coverage of Taipei city and also the misuse of concrete, which eventually cause the highest record of temepture of Taipei in the summer of 2020.