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Inter Fade (2021)

Inter Fade is a cross-disciplinary project which is participating in X-Site 2022  pavillion competition organized by Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Inter Fade is created to discuss the "in-between" space and the human-natured relationship. To explore the unknown space and time, Inter Fade is being able to change its color due to different environmental inputs, mainly temperature. The layout of Inter Fade is also providing a different way for visitors to interact with the entry square of Taipei Fine Arts Museum. 

This project is a cross-disciplinary team effort with Li-Cheng Chen, Chih-Kang Hsu, Yi-Fei Chen, Kuan-Ju Wu, Wen-Hao Ni, and Wei Lin, in order to be able to maneuver across the field of architecture, interaction art, and fine art.  

Inter Fade is nominated in the X-Site 2022 shortlist. 

IMG_4771 (2).JPG

Front view of model ( scale: 1/100 )

Side view of section model ( scale: 1/30 )


Aerial view of Inter Fade model (scale: 1/100)

Internal veiw from the interior of Tapei Fine Arts Museum (scale: 1/100)

Overview of Inter Fade (pdf)

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