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Project 0 (2017)

As a design researcher coming from East Asia first arriving in Europe, I was curious about how the food transported around the world, especially those tropical fruits which reminds me of my home town. The second thing I have noticed is that radiator is everywhere in the European city, and since autumn, there is always white vaper blown into the air. I somehow linked these two elements up to start a design research project. 

During the research, I have found out-

1.  70 % of thermal energy produced by humans is lost during heat transmission, especially in cases of radiators. 

2. Food security experts say that in some countries suffering from droughts, such as India and Taiwan, the situation is worsening since huge amounts of water are being used to grow vegetables and fruits in order to be exported to the first-world countries in exchange for a better economic situation. 

I have combined these two research found in project 0, a micro greenhouse.

Project 0  is using waste heat generated by radiators or even power plants, thermal energy is provided to grow tropical food in cold weather countries as a way to explore a potential option for our potential future economy and life.


Early prototype of project 0.


Waste heat is everywhere in modern cities, and most commonly, from the boiler of the radiators.  Bigger-scale waste heat sources could also be found, such as industrial facilities, power plants, or even ventilator of subways.


City based honey bee hive is also an inspiration for Project0, what if everyone is having a micro greenhouse on their roof to help to resolve the food crisis?


Concept proving experiment, the mungbean on the left picture was being raised outside the window, but was put in Project0 prototype, and the one on the right was at the same location but exposed in the winter of London. 


A pineapple was cultivated by project0 in Liechtenstein. (simulating scenerio)

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