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Landscrape theater (2020)

Landscrape theater is a pop-up art theater for citizens to have a dialogue with the fast-changing landscape of Tao-yuen. It's happening in Holiao, which is constructed by several villages, which people are living depends on the fields. Holiao is being chosen by the government to be the next urban developing area and will be transformed into a residential area with tall buildings.


We choose this area to perform the landscape theater, with audiences entering Holiao, this expropriated area, to join our half-illegal art performance to say goodbye to this land.

It's constructed by a disguised bus tour, an art performance, and lastly, an auction to sell items that you can't really value by currency (such as traditional religious events, spirits in traditional believes).

Co-curator: Cheng-Hsiang Wang, I-Fang Ko, Wei Lin, Tsu-Yun Huang, Wen-Hao Ni, Chia-Wei Hung, Tzu-Hua Huang, Li-Cheng Chen, Chih-Kang Hsu, 

Shing Huang


The trace of mud shows how the location of the future highway, and in the middle of this picture, people could how the road cuts through an ancient family temple. (photo credit: Mr.Hsueh-Jung Hsieh)


Stage photo - Auctioneer showed up. Screen played by Bo-Hao Huang


Landscrape theater bus tour group :  A journy to memorize the unwanted farm land.


Stage photo - Landscrape auction. Screen played by Bo-Hao Huang and Li-Cheng Chen


Stage photo - The winnder who won the "painting by random kid" auction.


Stage photo - real estate and the the shell of an old village 


​Participants and audiances.

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