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COID (2020)

Inspired by Diving-Bell Spider and our own experience of quarantine when we traveled back to Taiwan, we decide to design a quarantine pod that could let the boundary of social distance in the house to be disappeared.

COID provides an affordable social solution with multiple transparent, functional modules, and a detachable co-suit for a patient to have a better and safer COVID-19 quarantine experience. The design of the COID is specialized to be used in cities with a high-density population such as Hong Kong, Taipei or Tokyo.

This project is a cross-disciplinary team effort with Li-Cheng Chen, Chih-Kang Hsu, and Elsa Hsiao. We also have the support from Doctor Jim Chen as our medical consultant.

COID is nominated as top 10 of the IDA 2020 COVID-19 award.

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