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Wall of architecture (2012)

In 2012, May, Wang's family was dragged out from their home by the police of Taipei city simply because this family was not willing to join the urban renewal. Wang's family has been living at the same place for over 200 years. It becomes big news in Taiwan since the footage of police violently removed Wang's family out of the house. At that moment, I was still a college student in architecture school, and the footage really shocked me that architecture is creating social problems. There is also a voice stated that this family won't leave their house is just because the money they will get from the estate developer and the government is not enough, which I think is not the real reason.


By conducting research, I found out it's actually a design problem instead of a law or financial issue. I initiate a social event by calling out for a design proposal national wide, pasted those drawing and models right on the construction site of Wang's house, tried to prove to society that a careful design proposal could actually resolve this brutal conflict between people and the political machine. This movement becomes a footnote in Taiwan's architecture history.


A guidance we worked out to put on internet for people to start their design on Wang's family site.

411755_354497457930338_1185946460_o (1).

We orgainzed a press conference in a very 

urgent time frame.

記者會 (16).jpg

My partner, Licheng arranging the drawing we collected to put on the fence of the demolition site.

記者會 (18).jpg

The press conference.

記者會 (28).jpg

Me surrounded by the press.

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